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Did you heard about HERMISO? If you are observant enough, you will get to see their actively sponsored ads in Facebook and others social media. I get to know this online company when I was searching for reliable online shop for my household products.

They are not just an ordinary online shop. They have wide range of categories product listed in their web. You should click in and have a look. They have personal care products, beauty and healthcare to baby, household, food & drink and even Japanese products too.

What did attract me the most is their household products. Usually, you will see more online shop with beauty and health products include baby items but hardly you see one with household right?

Let us take a look on what HERMISO is offering us in their household products:-
Hey, what's attract my first view is DISCOUNTED PRICE!!!! I always love to see this... Biasalah.. woman ma...

They are offering these items as below for reference:
  • toilet paper and tissues
  • laundry products such as softener and detergents
  • cleaning liquid
  • air freshener
Any many more where I think you should just go to their website and take a look. So much to list here and I think I need 3 pages to list down all the products.

Besides that, they are giving free shipping service too when you purchase RM99 and above for peninsular Malaysia.

For mummies, they also offering diapers, baby food and milk powder too with discounted price. 
Here are some attracted photo for review. Those that attract ME ya...




For more information on Hermiso's promotion, do click here at their website:


  1. i am also the regular shopper there

  2. I have yet to try this online shop. I wish to try this soon.

  3. wow. that is alot of discount given. Looks so tempting even though I have no baby. hahaha

  4. hi cherlyn, they have more categories in their website. skincare, household, food and lots more.. i more interested to get cheap deal for baby products there. hehe

  5. This is my first time come across this shopping site. I will check it out coz I love online shopping.

  6. awesome... look like a great place to find baby stuff.. will tell me sister in law... who has little kids...

  7. so cheapla!! must check out the site!

  8. Seem a great website to shop! Will check it out soon.

  9. Yup, I've seen their ads recently. But from those ads, I believe that they don't have anything that I need. LOL


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