Spinach Noodle from The Flying Fish Seafood

I got this delicious spinach noodle from The Flying Fish Seafood and the best is, it is homemade noodle without any preservative. So, it is great if you would like to introduce noodle for your little one at home. It is made from spinach, therefore, don't be surprise with the greeny colour.

It is easy to cook too. Unlike those noodle that are available from the super market, it is more sticky as it does not contain any boric acid in it. I found a way to prevent it to be too sticky which I cook it like those wan tan mee stall did. Boil up the water, put in the noodle to loosen up the noodle. Then, prepare an ice water and rinse the noodle. Lastly, soak it in the boil water again. This method makes the noodle more chewable and QQ.

For the seasoning, I add in some homemade sambal + soy sauce + dark sauce + sesame oil + white pepper. Then, top up with some fried onion and coriander leave. The side dishes you can just add whatever you like such as fish ball, fish cake, shiitake mushroom, vegetables and others. The taste is so superb!!

Oh, I've forget to write in that I also tried this great taste spinach noodle with carbonara sauce!! It goes well with Asian and Western dish...

Spinach Homemade Noodle with Carbonara Sauce


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