What Is Your Favourite Lip Balm? - Chu Lip Balm

Lip Balm is a basic lip care for everyone includes women and men. Don't you think so? 

Our lips are very thin and therefore, the blood supply is close to the surface. That's the reason why lips appear in pink or red colour. As lips do not have any oil glands to produce any natural oils, our lips tend to become dehydrated and chapped. Dry and chapped lips are painful and sometimes it bleeds too.

Therefore, we need an effective lip moisturizer to keep it moisture and protect our delicate lips from drying and chapping.

I started to use Chu Lip Balm since early 2016 and continuous it till now. What makes me choose Chu Lip Balm from the first? Well, I just fall in love with the cute packaging. It is easy to use by twisting it open and apply it straight on your lips. It does not require any action with removing cap and twist it up and down to use it like others. 

Chu Lip Balm has 6 colours and taste to choose.

  • Paris, Perfect Memories (raspberry & peach) - Pink
  • NY, Brilliant My Way (Apple & Ginger) - Red
  • Tokyo, Mode Night (Honey, Lemon tea, Bergamot) - Yellow
  • Nordic, Fancy Nostalgia (Orange, Lime, Mango) - Green
  • Waikiki, Hello Paradise (Minty, Sweet Vanilla) - Blue
  • Arabian, Floral Shower (Rose) - Purple.

It is so cute to be kept away in drawer. This compact and kawaii lip balm is always beside me whenever I go. Oh yah, you shall apply lip balm before bed too as it can help to retain the moisture and make your lips soft and supple every morning. 💋

There are new version of Chu Lip Balm available to grab now with colour tinted!!! There are 3 colours to choose which are the Peach Pink, Sweet Pink and Vivid Pink!!! Pink Lover, is time for you to have this cute Chu Lip with you......


Where to buy Chu Lip Balm?

Watson is having sales now. Normal price for Chu Lip is RM25.90. NOW is only RM18.80!!! It is so affordable for a great lip balm like Chu Lip!!! You can choose to buy online in Watson Malaysia too. Happy shopping.

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  1. I guess I need it! Will go Watson to get it! Thanks for the great info dear ❤️

  2. Wow the design is really cool! First of its kind. ;)

  3. i love the packaging very very much!!saw a lot of good reviews from other bloggers!

  4. I really like this packaging because it is so sweet and cute. However, I wonder if it would be difficult to hold, due to its shape.

    1. Hi Emily, i hold with 3 fingers only and it is easy to use. hehe

  5. Looks so cute! Will love to try this next time.

  6. i love that chu lip tinted! I used it almost everyday!

  7. Waah, really cute design! With so many colours! This is good to buy as a gift for friends too~

  8. I love lip balms. This packaging and colors are awesome.

  9. I quite like this lip balm, its very affordable and good too.

  10. I have been using chulips for more than a year now. love them so much.

  11. wow the price is so affordable! love the packaging as well. will check it out soon!!

  12. so cute name.. chu lip balm . i like

  13. The packaging is super cute! The texture of the product is really good too ><

  14. Tried and tested 2 years ago and still using it! I love the green colour one.

  15. I love ChuLip too! Too cute and sweet to use hehe

  16. I got their previous series. they are great. i think i gonna get the new one as well

  17. Yess I use lip balm as lip mask and it works wonders the next morning! Have you tried any of the tinted ones?

  18. I like the packaging, product choices are adorable too, will check it out :)

  19. i always carry them in my bag coz they are just too cute and convenient to use


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