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Herbsol 創皂 - The Insect Repellent

I ordered this insect repellent after read up some reviews from a mummy in Facebook's group. I found this is a very interesting product as it uses natural ingredients and was claimed to be effective for keeping away the ants and mosquitoes. I always have ants problem in my house and I have tried many home remedies such as limes and vinegar, but it does not work well.
What attract me the most is the shape and packaging of this product!! Don't you think it is cute? I clicked on the Facebook page "Herbsol 創皂" and most of the posts are in Chinese. Thanks to Facebook by having the translation which I clicked it in and get more details about it. Some of it have duo languages. 
Herbsol were created and invented by the seller itself where she wants something to keep away the mosquitoes and bugs include ants instead of killing those. The seller also claimed that the most important of this product must be 100% natural and does not harm our health, especially on babies.