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Where To Buy Cute Cookies Cutter and Baking Accessories Online?

Ever wonder where can you purchase cute bento accessories and jelly moulds? Some will get it from Daiso and some at Mr DIY. This cute bento (packed lunches) deco is originated by the Japanese and slowly spread all over the world. Cute bento will attract your child's appetite and thus will lead them to finished up their meal.

Making bento also is a fun way of cooking. Besides that, it is so easy with a little helper from rice bento shaper and some cutter. Here is some idea to make cute bento for your precious one:-

Cut cheese into alphabetical with cutter. Then place the cheese on the sandwiches. Decorate with some cute forks and fruits such as grapes & strawberry.Use cute bear/animal bread/cookies/rice cutter and shape it. Fill up with tuna/egg mayo/jam.Make rice ball and decorate it with seaweed. Cut the seaweed with puncher or scissors to make the eye/mouth/hair/etc.Shape rice with the cute bread/cookies/rice cutter with mini sausage/ eggs/ tomato cherry/ salads/ etc
You can…

Are You Ready For Online Baby Fair At #Lazada ?

Usually we are excited to go "Baby Fair" at MidValley or KLCC shopping mall. However, the problem with Baby Fair Mall is, sometimes I can't even get a parking slot or the road were jammed as many of parents are rushing to the mall to grabs those cheap items. Anyway, the best thing about going to the Baby Fair Mall is, you can see and touch the products besides getting it straight away on the spot.

Why choose ONLINE shopping? Well, the answer will definitely be simple convenient!! You can shop anytime, anywhere and easy payment too. Besides that, you can always buy at a cheaper price and get the items delivered to your doorstep too.

Lazada this name is very familiar among people as they always have a good deal on products, warranty guaranteed, easy payment option to choose, and there even have special offer everyday for banks and credit cards too.

Let us see what you can get from Lazada Baby Fair coming 27-31 July 2016....

Nestle - Milk Powder and Baby FoodFisher Price Bab…

Fresh Fish and Seafood Online Market.

Where do you buy your fresh fish and seafood in Klang Valley? Recently I found this Facebook page : The Flying Fish Seafood Companyrecommended by some of the mummies in the group. So, I tried and put my first order last 2 month ago. The in-charge person is so friendly and they really give me advice which fish are suitable for baby porridge and lots more. Let them know which part of fish you prefer and they will sent it to your doorstep.
So, I brought a fillet Norwegian Salmon for my Little Qin's porridge and some Senangin, Kurau, prawn and grouper slices. Price range is a little more expansive than wet market BUT their fish and seafood are more fresher than some of the hypermarket and wet market. As they clean, sliced and vacuum packed those seafood before they delivered out to the customers.
They do charge a flat price of delivery fee RM10, but if you buy above RM200, you will enjoy free delivery, ya. So, if you are in your workplace, make it as a group buy and enjoy the free de…

Your One Stop Online Shop -

Did you heard about HERMISO? If you are observant enough, you will get to see their actively sponsored ads in Facebook and others social media. I get to know this online company when I was searching for reliable online shop for my household products.
They are not just an ordinary online shop. They have wide range of categories product listed in their web. You should click in and have a look. They have personal care products, beauty and healthcare to baby, household, food & drink and even Japanese products too.
What did attract me the most is their household products. Usually, you will see more online shop with beauty and health products include baby items but hardly you see one with household right?
Let us take a look on what HERMISO is offering us in their household products:- Hey, what's attract my first view is DISCOUNTED PRICE!!!! I always love to see this... Biasalah.. woman ma...
They are offering these items as below for reference: toilet paper and tissueslaundry produc…

Hake Fish, anyone?

Pan Fry Hake Fish & carrot + coriander leave                                Stir Fried Choy Sam 
The best food is determine by the freshest ingredient. Being a full-time housewife with a baby, I have no time to go wet market and I also don't have the knowledge in selecting a fresh seafood and meat. Unlike fish and meat, I always can get an organic vegetables or at least fresh one nearby my house or Aeon. So, I guess I am lucky enough to get to know The Flying Fish Seafood as they deliver the freshest seafood on my doorstep.

What I need to do is click and order what I want from their menu and inbox/whatsapp them. They are so friendly and sometimes I get some free sample to try on. Oh, the best part is, they might share some home recipe for you too. The price is reasonable and they only charge a flat rate of shipping RM10. However, if you buy more than RM200, they will waive the shipping fee. So far, I have tried their prawn, Hake, Senangin, Salmon, Kurau and not forget the new…

Spinach Noodle from The Flying Fish Seafood

I got this delicious spinach noodle from The Flying Fish Seafood and the best is, it is homemade noodle without any preservative. So, it is great if you would like to introduce noodle for your little one at home. It is made from spinach, therefore, don't be surprise with the greeny colour.

It is easy to cook too. Unlike those noodle that are available from the super market, it is more sticky as it does not contain any boric acid in it. I found a way to prevent it to be too sticky which I cook it like those wan tan mee stall did. Boil up the water, put in the noodle to loosen up the noodle. Then, prepare an ice water and rinse the noodle. Lastly, soak it in the boil water again. This method makes the noodle more chewable and QQ.

For the seasoning, I add in some homemade sambal + soy sauce + dark sauce + sesame oil + white pepper. Then, top up with some fried onion and coriander leave. The side dishes you can just add whatever you like such as fish ball, fish cake, shiitake mushroo…

Natural Republic Aloe Vera Gel Review

Are you a fan of Korea's beauty products? If yes, sure you have tried out this great Aloe Vera Gel from Natural Republic. I brought mine years back when I was in Malacca and I still continue this gel on and off. It makes my skin hydrated and smooth. I kept this gel in my fridge and I even apply it to soothe my skin when I got burns or insect bites too.

Here is the pamphlet  on how to use this Natural Republic Aloe Vera Gel. It enriched with 92% of aloe vera and it is free from paraben and artificial colour. This soothing gel with 92% aloe vera is certified by California Certified Organic Farm (CCOF) and can be used in various body part such as face, arm, leg and hair.

Here, is my own bottle of Natural Republic Aloe Vera Gel. It worth the money I paid as it is really big bottle. It's about 300ml (10.56oz) and manufacturer from South Korea!! Look, my skin is extremely soft and smooth after the application of this aloe vera gel.
Where can you buy? Hermo is having sales on this pr…

Mentholatum Botanics Cleanser Free Sample Review

I got my very first sample from #Mentholatum Botanics last month and voucher too. I am so eager to use it and guess what, I really love the soft texture and fragrance. It might be a very small tube sample, but I can use approximately 4-5 times with it.
Here, is the sample I have received.
It comes together with a free cash voucher to redeem when you purchase their Botanics products in any Guardian Store worth RM5! They have a few types of cleanser and you just need to choose which one suits you the most. I got the Hydra Whitening Wash and it suits me the best. It helps to tone up the skin so that you will have more radiant looking skin.
After being a SAHM, frankly, I don't put too much time in skincare compared to last time as I really don't have the time. Sometimes, I don't even put on my moisturiser and immediately dozed off to sleep. Occasionally, I still put on my favourite C'mosee Magnetic Maskas I need its function to reduce my big pores.
If you wish to redeem t…

My Little Princess Food - Pan Fry Potato