My Little Princess Food - Pan Fry Potato


I make this pan fry mash potato again for my Little Princess (Baby Qin) yesterday because she is so good girl and finished up her porridge. So, as a reward, I make her different meal for dinner. It is so easy to prepare and cook. Here is my recipe:

2 potatoes1/4 carrot2 coriander  stem1 eggcoconut oil

Basically, i just boil the potato and cut the carrot and coriander stem. mash the potato with a fork and mix all the ingredients together (mashed potato + carrot + coriander + egg). Then, heat up the non-sticky pan (I am using Happy Call) with coconut oil and pan fry it. Baby Qin ate 1 and 1/2 pieces and the rest is MOM's food. Haha..

I let her munch and grab by her own as I am introducing her some basic self feeding technique. She can self feed well with her favourite baby biscuit from Organic Happy Baby.  So, I always bring out some and this biscuit actually can keep Baby Qin calm and silent while we are having our coffee break or meal time. Good job, Happy Baby. Basically, Baby Qin have tried out almost all the flavor that are available and she enjoy those cute round, puffy, crunchy biscuit so much. Just shake the biscuit in front of her, she will run to you and clap her hand happily.

Baby Profile:Name: Baby QinAge: 10month oldAchievement: Standing up without assistantOral: 2 little teeth


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