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DIY Tutu dress for Little Qin Qin 1st birthday

Throwback last September 1st birthday celebration for my little princess in Melaka. I have been thinking to get her tutu dress for her 1st birthday and do around the Facebook fanpage for quotation. To my surprise, the price of a tutu dress starts from hundred!!! Therefore, I started to hunt the Youtube and Pinterest for DIY a tutu dress... Actually, to make a simple tutu dress/skirt is so simple. All you need is the material. I've completed my little princess's tutu dress just in 1 day!!!

This is the tulle roll and there are a variety of colours to choose. Some come with other designs such as extra glitters, stars, love, and so on. It comes in different sizes too. 

Next, you need this crochet or waistband (if you are making tutu skirt). The crochets has different sizes too. You can make this crochets to a cute hairband for matching or as the tutu base.

This is the picture where I just tied up the tulle on the crochet. It is simply easy and fast. I make 2 layer tutu dress wit…