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Johnson's Baby Lotion and Bath for Little Qin Qin

These are the first 2 products I got from Home Tester. It is Johnson's Baby Bath & Body Lotion. I never brought any Johnson's products for my baby before and this is the first time I use this on her.

👉 It smells good 👉  It does not hurt the eyes. Gentle and baby skin immediately feel smooth too. 👉 Rich in Milk Proteins and Rice Nutrients, Vitamins to complete the skin nourishment.
Johnson's Baby Milk + Rice Bath leave my baby's skin smoother and moisturized. It also helps to protect the skin barrier and does not irritate the baby's skin.

This Johnson's baby lotion has a nice fragrance too and it is easily absorbed without leaving it sticky feeling. Baby skin feels fresh and smooth for a long time after using this too. Johnson's baby products are well-known for their triple caring protection commitment to the customers which are the Safety, Mildness and Effectiveness.
You can easily spot these products in any shopping malls, beauty stores and online …