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The Amez Care Bio Herbal Sanitary Functional Pad

The monthly menstrual cycle is a nightmare when you choose the wrong brand and length of the sanitary pad. Sanitary napkin or pads is one of the option to choose besides tampon, washable pads and menstrual cups. There are many products to choose in the market from frangrance to non-fragrance, wings and without wings, thickness from maxi to slim and length for day and night too.

Today, I would like to give my review regarding this newly marketable disposable sanitary pad by Amez Care Bio Herbal. Amez sanitary pads are designs with non-toxic materials such as Chloromethane, Styrene and Chloroform. 

Amez Care Bio Herbal sanitary pads are not only brings comfort to ladies but also pay attention to our health concern. The sanitary pad contains of Tea Plants extract that can alleviate the symptoms of many pain-related illness and inhibits the development of blood clot too. 

What are the Tea Plant extracts that can be found in Amez Care Bio Herbal Sanitary Pad? Aloe Vera - effective in reduci…

What Is Your Favourite Lip Balm? - Chu Lip Balm

Lip Balm is a basic lip care for everyone includes women and men. Don't you think so? 

Our lips are very thin and therefore, the blood supply is close to the surface. That's the reason why lips appear in pink or red colour. As lips do not have any oil glands to produce any natural oils, our lips tend to become dehydrated and chapped. Dry and chapped lips are painful and sometimes it bleeds too.

Therefore, we need an effective lip moisturizer to keep it moisture and protect our delicate lips from drying and chapping.

I started to use Chu Lip Balm since early 2016 and continuous it till now. What makes me choose Chu Lip Balm from the first? Well, I just fall in love with the cute packaging. It is easy to use by twisting it open and apply it straight on your lips. It does not require any action with removing cap and twist it up and down to use it like others. 

Chu Lip Balm has 6 colours and taste to choose.
Paris, Perfect Memories (raspberry & peach) - PinkNY, Brilliant My Wa…

Atomy Toothbrush

This is my Atomy Slim Gold Toothbrush. They have a few colour choices and I got this crystal green toothbrush.

Look at the toothbrush colours!! It is so beautiful. Let us take a look at the features:-
💋Soft and flexible bristle with 0.18mm thickness.
💋Ovalized and technically modified at the end into super slim size under 0.03mm.
💋Effective removes plaque and residues will provide deep refreshing feeling.
💋The brush formula contain anti-bacterial membrane.
💋Easy grip handle

The slim bristles are effectively remove those plaque and residues that makes my oral fresh and clean. Besides that, I like the way Atomy design for the handle. Usually my ordinary toothbrush easily stained at the handle after some time. However, this toothbrush does not have this problem!!

In addition, the soft bristle also gentle on our sensitive gum. If you are having recurrent gum bleeding, you should try this toothbrush!!

Where to purchase Atomy Toothbrush? We are still waiting for Atomy Malaysia get launch in c…

Atomy - Ethereal Oil Patch

My friend from Kuching send me 2 packets of this patch for my backache. I always complain to her that those pain patch that I usually buy is way to expansive. I have tried many pain patch brands that are available from the markets, however, I can't find anything that can really soothes my backache.
You might feel that 'Atomy' this brand is very new and of course, you can't buy it anywhere in the mall or pharmacy. Atomy is from Korea and they slowly move to a few Asian and even United State too.
What is Ethereal Oil patch from Atomy? It is like a normal patch but it have those smell like essential oil. Very soothing and calming smell and I immediately love this patch. This patch comes with 5 pieces in 1 pack and you can cut the patch according to the area that you need to apply.
For an example, if you are having headache, just cut 2 small pieces and paste it on your both side of forehead. This patch also benefited those who are having cough, sore throat and flu too. Fo…

Baby Sleeping Pattern

Baby's sleeping patternchange all times and it is difficult to catch their timing too. I still remember that, I have once complaint BB Qin wakes all night and sleep throughout the day. It was so tiring and I am totally look like a panda that time (During confinement). However, later on, BB Qin able to sleep throughout the night and I was so blessed that I could have some peaceful night and sleep. Recently, I noticed that she does not sleep on her normal routine time again. She will played till she is tired around 1am and dozed of after 10 OZ of milk. YES is 10 OZ for 10month old baby!!!

Researchers found out that there are few reasons why baby tends to wake up frequently at night. Check this out:-

Your baby is hungryColicTeethingEnvironment (too cold or hot)Insecure (searching for comfort) 
What can you do to help your baby? Feed baby with dimmed light, on soft music also will help baby to sleep.Off the room light - To let baby know the different between day and night.Let your baby…