Atomy Toothbrush

This is my Atomy Slim Gold Toothbrush. They have a few colour choices and I got this crystal green toothbrush.

Look at the toothbrush colours!! It is so beautiful. Let us take a look at the features:-

💋Soft and flexible bristle with 0.18mm thickness.

💋Ovalized and technically modified at the end into super slim size under 0.03mm.

💋Effective removes plaque and residues will provide deep refreshing feeling.

💋The brush formula contain anti-bacterial membrane.

💋Easy grip handle

The slim bristles are effectively remove those plaque and residues that makes my oral fresh and clean. Besides that, I like the way Atomy design for the handle. Usually my ordinary toothbrush easily stained at the handle after some time. However, this toothbrush does not have this problem!!

In addition, the soft bristle also gentle on our sensitive gum. If you are having recurrent gum bleeding, you should try this toothbrush!!

Where to purchase Atomy Toothbrush?
We are still waiting for Atomy Malaysia get launch in coming September - October 2016. However, you can get some of Atomy products with those distributors that have the ready stock.

If you are interested to get one, do get in touch with me. We are selling it at distributor price when you sign up as an Atomy member. Do assure that, Atomy did not charge any membership fee for life and no autoship/ minimum purchase required as others brand.

How to be Atomy member?
Just provide me your personal details and a photocopy of front & back IC with watermarks "For Atomy Use"

For more detail, do inbox me atAtomy Malaysia by Miyumi Store


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