Baby Sleeping Pattern

Baby's sleeping pattern change all times and it is difficult to catch their timing too. I still remember that, I have once complaint BB Qin wakes all night and sleep throughout the day. It was so tiring and I am totally look like a panda that time (During confinement). However, later on, BB Qin able to sleep throughout the night and I was so blessed that I could have some peaceful night and sleep. Recently, I noticed that she does not sleep on her normal routine time again. She will played till she is tired around 1am and dozed of after 10 OZ of milk. YES is 10 OZ for 10month old baby!!!

Researchers found out that there are few reasons why baby tends to wake up frequently at night. Check this out:-

  • Your baby is hungry
  • Colic
  • Teething
  • Environment (too cold or hot)
  • Insecure (searching for comfort) 

What can you do to help your baby?
  • Feed baby with dimmed light, on soft music also will help baby to sleep.
  • Off the room light - To let baby know the different between day and night.
  • Let your baby know this is the time for bedding with the same routine such as cleaning and changing to pyjamas.
  • Give your baby a securing object to hug such as soft toy/small pillow. BB Qin have her favourite bantal busuk yah.

Sometimes I noticed that baby just need us (parent) to be around them for comfort and security. Hugging and cuddling are the best way and you will be very surprise that your baby will lie down quietly besides you. You can also sing songs for them and it does not matter what songs/lyrics/tune you made. They just want to hear mama's voice.


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