Mentholatum Botanics Cleanser Free Sample Review

I got my very first sample from #Mentholatum Botanics last month and voucher too. I am so eager to use it and guess what, I really love the soft texture and fragrance. It might be a very small tube sample, but I can use approximately 4-5 times with it.

Here, is the sample I have received.

It comes together with a free cash voucher to redeem when you purchase their Botanics products in any Guardian Store worth RM5! They have a few types of cleanser and you just need to choose which one suits you the most. I got the Hydra Whitening Wash and it suits me the best. It helps to tone up the skin so that you will have more radiant looking skin.

After being a SAHM, frankly, I don't put too much time in skincare compared to last time as I really don't have the time. Sometimes, I don't even put on my moisturiser and immediately dozed off to sleep. Occasionally, I still put on my favourite C'mosee Magnetic Mask as I need its function to reduce my big pores.

If you wish to redeem this sample, click on this link below:


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