Where To Buy Cute Cookies Cutter and Baking Accessories Online?

Ever wonder where can you purchase cute bento accessories and jelly moulds? Some will get it from Daiso and some at Mr DIY. This cute bento (packed lunches) deco is originated by the Japanese and slowly spread all over the world. Cute bento will attract your child's appetite and thus will lead them to finished up their meal.

Making bento also is a fun way of cooking. Besides that, it is so easy with a little helper from rice bento shaper and some cutter. Here is some idea to make cute bento for your precious one:-

  • Cut cheese into alphabetical with cutter. Then place the cheese on the sandwiches. Decorate with some cute forks and fruits such as grapes & strawberry.
  • Use cute bear/animal bread/cookies/rice cutter and shape it. Fill up with tuna/egg mayo/jam.
  • Make rice ball and decorate it with seaweed. Cut the seaweed with puncher or scissors to make the eye/mouth/hair/etc.
  • Shape rice with the cute bread/cookies/rice cutter with mini sausage/ eggs/ tomato cherry/ salads/ etc

You can bake mini cake or biscuits with cute mould that you can buy with Newbay Pek. Besides that, you also get those cute mini fork and cutter from her with a very affordable price!!. She is promptly reply messages and parcel was sent out the following day too. She also will updates the buyer on the tracking number so that you can trace where is your parcel.


These are 2 of the cookies cutter that you can get from Newbay's Facebook. She also have those cute baking plastic wrapper and others baking accessories such as yeast measurement and others pre-order plates and toys too.

Guess how much is this bento mould? It is only cost RM6 for all the 3 designs!! It is so cheap right? For those who are a fan of Hello Kitty, she have plenty of Kitty designs to choose and I have just brought 1 Hello Kitty Jelly Mould.

This is Egg Mould!! Easily shape the egg into fish and car design for your cute bento. 

I've received mine today and I have made my order on 26th July 2016. Parcel was sent out on the next day from Penang. Every RM30 purchase, you are entitle with a small gift too. You can choose your free gift too. I got a mini hand fan and all the items are perfectly wraps and placed. I just can't wait to make my mini cookies with this cute items from her. Will update soon my baking result.

For more idea on bento box, do check it out at:-


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