Review: Natural Organic baby wipes

Recently I've joined a lucky contest organized by Precious Little Gift last week, and guess what, I was the 78th contestant that are going to receive their free gift. 

I've got a full size of Natural Organic Baby Wipes. FULL SIZE of 100 pieces of wipes. 

Natural Organic products were certified by Korea. The wipes are made of ultra-purified water and organic extract formulation that will keep skin moisture and soft. Wow, what is that ultra-purified water about?

Ultra-purified water / pure water is water that has been purified to a very strict specification. It has to go through 6 step purification and UV sterilisation in order to remove all the impurities. Such a complex process right? 

The materials used are hypoallergenic - which is suitable to use on newborn skin. 

Do you saw the 2 little pop up cap? This specially designed pop up cap allow only 1 sheet is pulled out at one time. Such a genius design! I used to have excessive and continuous sheets pulled out from my current wipes. This causes trouble as I need to manually tear or seperate the sheets and stuck in the excessive sheets inside the package again. Yah, it looks messy and non-hygeinic. 

This is how it look like after I've pulled out a wipe from the package.

The wipes are soft to touch and moist sufficiently. It is also durable, not easily to tear apart and importantly, it keeps my baby's skin moisturized and healthy.

Where to buy?

If you are around Johor Bahru, do visit their booth at Danga City Mall - Baby Expo from 3-5 Nov 2017 - booth number 161.

Check out their other's promotion here:


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