Product Review: Petitfee Placenta Hydrogel Essence Mask | URCOSME.MY

Got a surprise parcel last month. Give it a guess what is that?

Have you heard about Urcosme? I got this mask from company.

Urcosme is actually a beauty online shop that provides 100% authentic Korea and local beauty products. They do provide free shipping and free gift upon signup with them here:-

I got 2 pieces of this Hydro Gel Placenta Essence Mask from
This Hydro Gel Placenta Mask is from Petitfee Skincare and it is made from Korea.

This mask is very unique as what I've usually got is the paper mask. This mask is made from gel form (jelly) which gives the skin exceptional hydration. As we also know the placenta is a skin nourishing substance, which also supplies essential nutrients to the skin.

This is how the mask look like when applied on my skin. This semi-transparent mask is a bit hard to manipulate as it comes in a gel form. So, you must really hold and place it on the face - I nearly drop off the mask due to the silkiness. 

The essence absorbed into the skin pretty fast and skin does not have the sticky feeling at all. Skin feel fresh and soft after the mask session. Just that, I do not use to the mask texture - gel type.

Anyway, you all can get this product here at

It selling at RM33 for a box of 5 pieces a box.

They also have brought in a few well-known brands such as Memebox, Petitfee, Missha, Etude House and others.

Just click on their website and review it.

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