PSK LED Lip Gloss Review

This may look like an ordinary lip gloss from the outer but surprisingly, it turned out to be a LED lip gloss. What is LED lip gloss? When you twist open the lip gloss, the LED light immediately turn on from the brush. This is so convenient especially when you need to apply your lip gloss in the dark. It comes with a small mirror on the side of the bottle which I no longer need to bring a mirror out when outing.

PSK LED Lip Gloss have 3 colours selection which are the Red, Orange & Pink. Look the colours are so beautiful.

Look the light from the LED is so clear and bright.

The brush is soft and easily glides on my lips. This lip gloss also contains the hydrating formula which helps moisturised lips too. I personally love the fragrance of this lip gloss as it has the natural rice bud essence in it. The colour stays quite long-hour on my lips too.

I'm using shade #03 Pink. The colour is not too bright but shimmering on my lips. It looks so natural with a little glossy looking. If you are looking for something light and soft colour, Pink shade is your choice.

Price: RM60 each

Where to purchase?

Check out this website for more PSK deals.


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