Hair Loss? Manage it with Energizing Hair Shampoo

Are you having postpartum hair loss? This is common happened even to myself. I have a near bold on my left forehead and I am so panic about it. I have tried a few ways to reduce it such as spray the tonic, change to hair fall control shampoo over the counter and lots more. However, it does not help much till I tried out this Nutriol Energizing Shampoo from Nu Skin.

This Nutriol shampoo enhances the vitality of your hair and scalp. It contains Tricalgoxyl - a seaweed derivative rich in polysaccharides, that helps in strengthening and lengthen the hairs in weeks.

A little detail about Nutriol Energizing Shampoo:-

  • Key Ingredients
    Tricalgoxyl, rich in kelp sulphated oligosaccharides (polysaccharides), was developed by a European laboratory with over 40 years of experience in the field of trichology (the study of hair and scalp treatment). Derived from a particular species of brown algae (seaweed) grown and collected on the Iroise Biosphere Reserve in France, Tricalgoxyl works with other essential ingredients to remineralize the scalp and help hair regain its natural health, strength, and shine. 

  • Usage
  • Apply Energizing Hair Shampoo to wet hair (1-3 pumps for short to medium length hair, 3-5 pumps for long hair).*
  • Massage gently.
  • Rinse thoroughly with warm water.
  • Follow with Hair Fitness Treatment.
  • *Usage for approximately 2 bottles of Energizing Hair Shampoo per month.

    *above details pick from Nuskin website. More more reading please click their official website below:-


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