The Journey - Pink Tower Child Care Centre

I have been taking care Baby Qin for 1.5 years and I wanted to go back to my workforce soon. So, I have been searching a good playschool / nursery for her so that she gets good care during my work time.

There are plenty of centres around Puchong here and I don't know which is the best one. So, I get some mummies reviews and called up a few for more details. One of the centre I was surveying is Pink Tower Childcare Centre. 

I was engaged with their Assistant Principal, Ms. Yati. I was welcomed warmly from her and she explained the details - daily activities, fee structure, time, and others. I was very impressed as they really take care your baby and accept infant as young as 2 months old.

After the explanation, she brings me around for a visiting. The babies were looking happy, some are sleeping comfortably on the playmat / cot (for kids below 2 years old). The kitchen is clean and tidy, toys were arranged well, and the most important, there were air purifiers too.

I immediately put up the registration for Qin Qin and starts her a week later.

Here is her check-in picture:-

1st day (3/4/17)
She gave the teacher her favourite sticky tongue pose. She looks happy and alright but did cry on and off after I've left. Teacher Yati sent me some pictures to ease my worry and yes, those pictures showed that Qin Qin was playing happily there. So, I thought she must be able to adapt herself there.

2nd day:- (4/4/17)

 Another sticky tongue check-in photo. She looks alright but has a sad face when she knows we are leaving her. She holds my hubby's leg tightly and asks for to be carried. Once we carried her, she immediately said "bye" to the teachers. Lol, I feel so heartache seeing her so sad. However, I was relieved with those update pictures of her from Ms Yati.

This picture - check-out picture. Look, she so happy when I came to pick her home.

3rd day:-(5/4/17)
 No more sticky tongue pose, she cried once entered the centre... OMG. She is getting the message that I will leave her alone there for another 10.5 hours again... "mummy love you". Please be happy and join the others to play. 


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